Welcome to Arrigoni Coaching

– building strategies to unlock your full potential!

I am a professionally trained and certified ADHD coach with knowledge and expertise in addressing the complex challenges encountered with this condition.

I coach teens and adults with ADHD, those who suspect they have ADHD but are not formally diagnosed, as well as those who are simply having trouble with “Executive Functions” such as:

  • organization
  • planning and prioritization
  • time management
  • initiating tasks and sustaining focus
  • controlling impulsivity and distractiblity
  • managing frustration and emotions

I believe in the unique potential of every individual. It is my goal to unlock this potential in each of my clients by instilling confidence, insights, and skills to propel them forward and serve them throughout life. With education and support, along with practical solutions to address their challenges, clients can learn to effectively manage for themselves and ultimately lead successful, satisfying lives.

If you are struggling and unable to achieve the success you desire on your own, coaching can help! Please read on and feel free to contact me for further information.

Laura Arrigoni, AACC, PharmD, RN