Services and Fees

Services and Fees


I provide private coaching in-person in Seattle, WA, as well as by phone or Skype nationwide.

Regular sessions are generally conducted weekly and can last from 30 to 60 minutes. I also offer brief 5 to 10 minute “check-in’s” by phone, email, or text, throughout the week for those who desire closer follow-up to stay focused and on track.

Typically, after our 15 minute preliminary interview, we will decide what the best means of communication will be, as well as how to arrange our sessions with respect to length and the need for follow-ups. Teenagers often do better with shorter sessions and more frequent check-ins while established adults may prefer one 60 minute session.


My rate is $100/hr and my “session fee” will reflect the total amount of time, pre-arranged, per session. For instance, if we plan on one 40 minutes session with two 5-10 minute “check-ins” per week my session fee will be $100.00 for that week, since I am setting this time aside, ahead of time, for you. Sometimes we will go over and sometimes the session may be shorter, but typically the time balances out and most often will be in your favor. It is very important to me to be fair and flexible in accommodating your needs.

The intake interview and any additional services will be charged my hourly rate as above.