What’s the Process?

What’s the Process?

Preliminary Interview- Following our initial contact, we will set up a complimentary 15 minute interview to determine compatibility and suitability for coaching.

During this interview I like to clarify expectations and motivation for coaching, address potential obstacles, and answer any questions you may have. Usually, by the end of 15 minutes it will be pretty clear whether coaching can proceed successfully. If so, I will send you a contract to review and sign, along with some documents for you to complete.

Intake Interview- The next step is setting up a formal interview to get to know you as best I can, so that I can approach our coaching sessions with as much insight as possible into who you are, where your strengths and challenges lie, and what you hope to accomplish from coaching. This interview typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

Regular Coaching Sessions- Once your overall coaching goals have been established our sessions will generally take on a consistent format wherein we will:

  • Evaluate your progress since our last session- what’s gone well/what could be going better, accomplishments, new perspectives and insights
  • Determine focus for current session- this may be a continuation and refinement of the topic from our last session, or something new you would like to address. While I may clarify the agenda, it is always determined by you.
  • Examine patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that may be limiting your progress or getting in your way
  • Explore options and strategies to achieve success
  • Devise specific plans to take action toward desired outcome and address potential obstacles
  • Recap, reflect, and connect to long-term goals to ensure we are on track toward where you want to go

Coaching is a process that typically involves several months to be effective as routines and habits do not change overnight. In addition, as situations change, particularly with life transitions, new challenges may arise which will need attention.

Those who derive the most from coaching:

  • Attend sessions regularly and come prepared to share their progress and challenges since our last session
  • Are ready with thoughts of what they would like to work on for our current session
  • Are open to new ideas and possibilities and take an active roll in devising solutions and strategies
  • Are accountable and attempt to follow through on the plans we devise together
  • Are open and honest with me and let me know how best to support them

Coaching is a positive and rewarding process that increases confidence and life-long skills on the path toward reaching your goals. With the insights and strategies you’ll learn from coaching, my goal is that you will ultimately become your own “coach” and be capable of successfully managing future challenges that come your way.